Today’s women are known as ‘superwomen’.

Today’s women are known as ‘superwomen’.In the past,women were taught to be submissive.Most of them were not educated and women’s roles outside the home were few.A woman had to depend on her husband or children for everything.Today,she is seen to be everywhere.She is now CEO of a multinational company,a famous lawyer or a dynamic politician.The status of women may have changed on the surface but it has brought more problems than privileges.Women are haunted by dowry deaths,sexual abuse,female infanticide,etc.,which we read in the news papers everyday.
Women all over the world,irrespective of their race,are subjugated if not exploited.Women have attained equality only on paper,but in no way it is reflected outside.It’s high time that we should take some drastic steps to stop the discrimination of sexes in the society together males & females.Equality can only be gained if both the sexes-male & female-work together.
Let us hope for a new world where there are no discriminations & let our future generations be proud of us.


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