Immortal Ram,Eternal Ramayana.

Rama immortal and Ramayana is eternal.They belong to the heart,hamlet and heritage of India.Rama belongs to the history and humanity,culture and civilisation of India,nay to mankind.He belonged to an age that witnessed the twilight stage of evolution of homo sapiens towards complete manhood.He belonged to the age where man was in companionship of birds,beasts and monkeys who had the double domain over the top of the soil and top of the foliage.He belonged to the age of evolution of life,family,society and state on the lines of truth,beauty and well-being.He belonged to the earliest history of evolving society.He was born into monarchy that had moral foundations where the family preceptor,Vasishta,helped the kingship to develop state craft of finest wisdom that devoted its energy and attention for development of common will.
The story of Ram is not merely a story of a prince of Ayodhya who went into exile on the eve of coronation to the throne to establish an ideal of obedience to the order of the father as sacred duty of a faithful son.The act of the prince presented to the mankind a rare sense of sacrifice and selflessness.
Rama the hero of the Ramayana was a life of majesty and magnanimity and,therefore,we call him ‘Maryada Purushottam.


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