The Omnipotent ”Lord Krishna’.’And The Inner World.

At every step of life,we have to make a choice.The outcome depends on the choices we make.Using worldly wisdom,we try to take judicious decisions so that we do not have to repent later.But this is all about worldly deeds and obligation.
However,we pay scant attention to spiritual part of life.Lord Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita tells Arjuna:”Thus,I have imparted this sacred wisdom unto you,reflect upon it and do as you choose”.In these words is hidden an invaluable message for all.In fact,it should make us think as to what is ‘sacred wisdom’ and the ‘implications of choice’.Inquiry into these questions has the necessary wherewithal to inspire us to take to spiritual life and search for the ultimate truth.This life is another chance to discover that truth.We have made rapid strides in the domain of physical sciences.But this progress in no way explains our origin and the prime meaning and purpose of our existence.Science has had stupendous success in explaining the structure and functioning of the material world,but when it comes to the inner world of pure consciousness,to our thoughts,feelings and sensations,intutions,and dreams-it has very little to say.And when it comes to the consciousness itself,science falls strangely silent.There is nothing in physics,chemistry,biology or any other physical science that account for our having an interior world.To say the least,scientists would be much happier if there was no such a thing as consciousness.Lord Krishna’s words reveal that destiny is in our hands.Our control over destiny is determined by the choices we make.But,we have to exercise our free will with utmost discrimination.God could have forced all His creations to comform to His laws but He did not do so;for He wanted us to exercise free will in the form of choices we make.The freedom of choice is also emphasised by Lord Rama;”Let all give ears to my words.I seek not to discourage you,nor to exalt myself.Listen to me and act as you choose”.Religion is what links us back to the ever lasting source.But know it for certain that religion is realisation.True religion is inner religion;far above and beyond Karmakanda,dogmas and outer performance of rites and rituals.God alone is truth and all else is Maya.Fruition of human life lies in His realisation.The eternal path is seeing and perceiving the ever-lasting entity called Self through divine eye-the door to the inner world of ultimate reality and True Self.


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