The Farcical Trends Of Indian E-Media .< * >

The Democratic rights have already become a remix culture in our country.So,now our country people of private sectors and public sectors are enjoying the democracy in full swing.On this context,e-media and tv channels have a major role in the field of promoting the business and attraction for the common men.Today’s life tv has become a part and parcel of every one.It prevails over slum to posh res,village to city,common people to administrators and social workers to big political leaders.Moreover, due to huge competition of satellite channels,they are always traying to attract the people with sensational topic or programmes.
Dear readers,now I’m coming to the main point of this article. As, all know that media is recognized as the fourth pillar of the Indian democracy.And also they are doing very effective and helpful jobs for the country and nation.But a very few channels are producing instructive programme and authentic news. But on the other hand a large number of news channels spreding superstitions,specious talks and cheap presentations.
Here, I’d like to mention some of the baseless and meaningless item only for TRP race.
Such as : Rahul Mahajan ka Swayamber,Rakhi Sawant ki Swayamber,Big Boss,Chamatkari Shakti,Rashi Phal and there are so many.
So by dint of gimmickry tactics, channels can make some one hero and make some one zero.JUST LIKE BABA RAMDEV.It’s the only e-media as being the fourth pillar of Indian democracy, giving so much importance on RAMDEV to disturb and destabilize the law and order of the country.
Who is Baba Ramdev ? He was only a so called Yogaguru and owned Ayurvedik drug company.It was Brinda karat(cpm) and media have made him like a national hero for his Kapalvati.
At the end, my offer to e-media is that,please do give, such type of coverage to a gay, and certainly one day, he will also go for hunger strike with his huge mass in Ramlila maidan and your e-media will get a world wide TRP


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