Particularly,in India you can fool people easily.Whether it’s magic or a trick or by casteism or religion <


Internet Hindus [IHs] refers to twitter denizens whose main aim in life is to denounce everything “secular” as immoral and unpatriotic. They combine this morbid pastime with an intense devotion to the person of Narendra Modi. In the normal course their rants, coming as they do from a lunatic fringe, would be dismissed as inconsequential. However, they so monopolize the discourse on secularism that it is beginning to echo through the mainstream.  In a recent instance, I ran into somebody who argued that “secularism” was not intrinsic to the Indian Constitution, being a concept inserted into it by Indira Gandhi during the emergency! It did not occur to him that the body of fundamental rights forming the basic structure of our constitution guarantees a secular republic.  We need to worry if our understanding of secularism is this shallow. We have injected far too much partisanship into secularism.

As the ruling party till…

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  1. I’m not Hindu or anything, but I believe a lot of the basis or religion is the same. That in mind, I don’t believe that God (whichever a religion believes in) would allow there to be so much secular activity in the world if it was truly evil. If s/he created the world, then everything is a result of that creation. Humans are what make it evil, and therefore a human can also return it to the glory. Honestly, I believe there is no such thing as a true separation between secular and sacred. It’s all how you use it to glorify.

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