To Mr. Grice

When God created this world he created an unique thing ‘Love ‘<

It Only Happens to Me or Does It?

Yes I know you lied and that’s not your last name but the last name of some fighter who beats people up for a living. Hey you beat me up pretty good, was that the plan so you used a fighters last name? Their are things I need to say to you regardless. Things I need to know. I’m a woman if I don’t get the answers than I will worry over and choose the worst possible solution as the answer.

1.Are you in a relationship with or Is there someone else you want to be in Relationship with?

2.Why did you lie to me about your last name?

3. Why did you say things to me and then not follow through? I’ll call you we’ll do this/that I’ll call you. I’ll call you. I would have stopped caring about you one day after meeting you and walked away with…

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