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Carrie Rubin

It was not long ago I protested the use of social networking sites, nose a little skyward, with quips like:

“You’ll never catch me on Twitter.”

“I dare you to Google me. You won’t find anything but job-related links.”

“I only wish my life was so dull that I could spend hours of it twiddling online.”

Well, I may not be twiddling, but I’m certainly twittering. And Goodreading. And WordPressing. And commenting and liking and Linking on In.

Writers know marketing is part of the publishing process. They also know it should start early, well before a book summons its first paying reader. But here’s the snag. Many writers are introverts. That is probably why we like to write. We are alone. With our thoughts. Thoughts easier to reveal by keyboard than mouth.

If you are not sure whether or not you are an introvert (really?), I found a checklist to guide you…

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To Mr. Grice

When God created this world he created an unique thing ‘Love ‘<

It Only Happens to Me or Does It?

Yes I know you lied and that’s not your last name but the last name of some fighter who beats people up for a living. Hey you beat me up pretty good, was that the plan so you used a fighters last name? Their are things I need to say to you regardless. Things I need to know. I’m a woman if I don’t get the answers than I will worry over and choose the worst possible solution as the answer.

1.Are you in a relationship with or Is there someone else you want to be in Relationship with?

2.Why did you lie to me about your last name?

3. Why did you say things to me and then not follow through? I’ll call you we’ll do this/that I’ll call you. I’ll call you. I would have stopped caring about you one day after meeting you and walked away with…

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Particularly,in India you can fool people easily.Whether it’s magic or a trick or by casteism or religion <


Internet Hindus [IHs] refers to twitter denizens whose main aim in life is to denounce everything “secular” as immoral and unpatriotic. They combine this morbid pastime with an intense devotion to the person of Narendra Modi. In the normal course their rants, coming as they do from a lunatic fringe, would be dismissed as inconsequential. However, they so monopolize the discourse on secularism that it is beginning to echo through the mainstream.  In a recent instance, I ran into somebody who argued that “secularism” was not intrinsic to the Indian Constitution, being a concept inserted into it by Indira Gandhi during the emergency! It did not occur to him that the body of fundamental rights forming the basic structure of our constitution guarantees a secular republic.  We need to worry if our understanding of secularism is this shallow. We have injected far too much partisanship into secularism.

As the ruling party till…

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A lovely blog that enchants the readers <

The Ooh La La Life

The History of LoveThe History of Love by Nicole Krauss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The History of Love” is a literary work of art. The beauty of language, of love, and of life all battle for most vibrant in this story of Leo Gursky, a man who has lived a solitary life after losing his great love long ago, and young Alma who is searching for the meaning of things for the first time at the ripe age of fourteen. Alma’s lost-boy-like brother Bird was one of my favorite characters. In a game of pretending that the opposite of truth is real, Bird yells “I have not been unhappy my entire life!” He’s too young to be so sad, but don’t we all feel that way sometimes? A moving story, an ode to the truly overwhelming power of love, Nicole Krauss shows us all how one love can change many lives…

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Joke 162 (via The Laughing Housewife)

I love jokes,coz it frashens up mood n mind in hectic walk of life.

Joke 162 I wouldn’t say I was a bad cook but my children were suspended from school for trying to smuggle toxic waste in their lunch bags. Filed under: 101/1001 Tagged: Cartoon, Cooking, Humor, Humour, Joke, postaday2011, Toxic waste … Read More

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my thoughts on teaching English… (via Anderson Adventures)

A uniquic and educative blog abt walk of life<

my thoughts on teaching English... Here I am with my English students. The ones who aren't smiling are happy, I promise. Cambodians often don't smile for pictures…plus they're teenagers.When I first found out that I had to teach English I thought I was going to throw up. I'm a NURSE, not a TEACHER. To say that I hate teaching is rather extreme, however, that's not far from the truth. Even at the mention of teaching my heart races, I get all sweaty and nervous and I can't think s … Read More

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