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It was the very hotel where me and Binod had once planned to marry.
Towards the end of my dinner, I happened to glance across the room. ‘ I knew from the back of his head, it was Binod. I walked up to him and touched his arm.’ I think we know each other,’ I said. He turned around, and when he saw me he jumped up and embraced me, tears streaming down his face. When he hugged me, it was as if time stood still.
It was my last night in Delhi and his first night there. Binod had become an exicutive director of a foreign company and was speaking at a conference, which he could not leave. In a matter of hours, we had to catch up on our past and decide our future.
Binod told me his story. He had been captured by the Maoists and sent to a dence forest camp in Jharkhand. After five years, when he was liberated, he began searching for me across the country. Eventually he got the service and went to Colcatta, where he continued to search for me.
And he said that he had in fact found me.
Year before, Binod told me, he had traced me to Mumbai and come to my flat. Me and Rakesh had just had our first child. It was Rakesh who met Binod at the door. Rakesh,who had once promised to step aside if Binod ever reappeared, turned him away and had never told me.
Now as Binod living in Rajastan and unmarried, he begged me to leave my family and stay with him.
It was raining that night in Delhi, as I walked with Binod. I looked up into his deep eyes, and saw reflected there our romantic past and all the love we had shared.
I told Binod I would give him my answer the next morning, at our favourite meeting spot.
And then I phoned Rakesh and confronted him with his deception. Rakesh cried and begged my forgiveness.I told Rakesh that I was so hurt and angry. I hung up on him.
But I also heard my psyche’s voice remining me of the importance of family. And I saw Rakesh working 18 hours a day,out of love for us.
Pacing in my hotel room, I finally made my choice. Crying, I left Binod a note that was good-bye.
I know I made the right decision and that was my love for my family and for my husband RAKESH 🙂