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I’ve been listening Indian music for the last four decades.When I started to understand music,perticularly the the songs were based on Indian classical.Suffice it to say that in that period the lyrics,music composition and singing were superb.You could hardly get to listen any meaningless or baseless song.In Indian music literature,music consists of three parts ; 1’st-song,2’nd-rhythm,3’rd-dance.So in indian music,each of these three parts has its own respective speciality and freedom.Telling the truth,Indian classical music is too difficult for someone to learn in a few years.It’s been seen that some music learners keep on learning and practising music for their whole life.The speciality in Idian music is that,there are several rules for singing of a Raga.The Raga has its own difined time, stile of ascending & discending.Which is the key note or dominant note.Which is supportive and which is weak note?According to nature of the Raga,singer has to perform his singing.Such as : Raga-Yaman.The thhat or source of Yaman is Kalyan.The vadi or dominant note is Gandhar(Mediant note).The supportive is Nisad(Leading note).The defined singing time is first period of the night.Since in Yaman,tibra madhyam (sharp sub-dominant note) is used.So the Ragas of these combinations are sung right from sunset.It was said that in the olden days,singing could bring the rain or fire by dint of dedicated singing.But nowadays,the style & format of singing has been changed and become just so sub-standard.As a result there’s no more impact in modern music.It feels music has turned out to be only shouting & jumping.The present composers and singers have changed its grammar saying it as rocks and pops.of course innovation is necessary for freshness,not deformation. It won’t be out of place to mention here that hi-tech or digital technology has molded new generation into the personality of non-creative.They give so much priority on tools rather than creativity and ingenuity.Therefore,that particular work hardly leaves any significant inherence in the heart of music lovers.So listeners reluctantly forget it within a very short period.In India,fifty years back,there were no so much multi-tracks recording system nor was stereophonic sound technology.It was just mono recording and mixing as well.I can remember that about fourty years back I got to listen a song,sung by the legendary singer LATA MANGESHKAR.And it’s surprising that,the particular song is still being appreciated by the present generation to a great extent.Whereas today’s song is forgotten within a fortnight.This is due to lack of knowledge of Indian Classical Music.Remix and fusion have no longlife.It’s just nine day’s wonder.Each and everybody should be proud of his country’s culture and tradition.As a musician,I am proud of Indian Music.That is why the legendary singer LATA MANGESHKAR is called as goddess SARASWATI in music industry of INDIA !!!